About the Trip: Peaceful River Journeys

Experience the peace of the Bow River with our “Just the Float” scenic trips, perfect for friends, families, or co-workers who want to soak in the river’s beauty without the fishing gear. These relaxed floats provide a special way to see the river, with its ever-changing scenery and regular wildlife encounters, all from the comfort of our spacious, stable boats. Enjoy breaks on sandy beaches where you can relax with a snack and a cool drink. It’s an ideal way to spend a soothing afternoon or catch a stunning sunset, turning every moment into a lasting memory.

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Pricing: Serene Sightseeing

Enjoy a 4-hour scenic float along the Bow River at a flat rate of $400 per boat. Our trips can accommodate up to 8 guests with advance notice, making it an affordable option for larger groups or families.

    • Price: $400 per boat.
    • Capacity: Can accommodate up to 8 guests with advance notice.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of the trip are subject to a $200 late cancellation fee.

Why Choose This Trip: Float Into Relaxation

Enjoy a serene getaway on the Bow River, where the world’s stresses float away with the flowing waters.

Experience the Bow River without the fuss of fishing gear. Our scenic floats are all about relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings, offering a stress-free way to explore the area.

With ever-changing landscapes and common wildlife encounters, this trip provides plenty of opportunities for photography and nature appreciation. It’s a nature lover’s delight.

Our large, stable boats ensure a comfortable journey for all ages and group sizes. Sit back and relax as you glide through the water, taking in the serene environment.

Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic evening, or a corporate event, our float trips cater to all occasions. It’s an inclusive way to experience the river’s charm without any fishing involved.

Located just minutes from Canmore, this trip is easily accessible and fits perfectly into any travel itinerary, requiring only a half-day commitment.

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